Monday, March 28, 2011

frenchy table

I found this petite table/ bench at a thrift store a couple of months ago.

i loved the frenchy legs and thought it would have great potential after a quick paint job and heavy distressing. Its been moved around a bit (even in its very short life), and has been a bedside table, a piano bench, and even an entryway mini table for 'stuff'.Most recently, I added some cool blue thrifty books and bottle to the top.
J'adore ma petite table.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday sipping

I got out the old cocoa latte machine for {hopefully} the last time this year. After getting a couple of inches of snow just yesterday I thought I'd get one last use of it before spring really comes. I tried a new & healthy recipe this time (of course not as good as the good stuff, hence the name 'healthy'), and used my favorite $1 mugs from Michaels.
Happy Saturday sipping!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

a whole lot of ruffles

I've been doing a little "ruffling" around the house
(along with the usual painting).
I made this ruffle seat cover to go on
my newly redone chair.
I also added some curtains in my bedroom.

They're made out of Ikea's 'Lenda' panels on the top, and for the bottom, just some leftover dropcloth material.

This beauty from Fullbloomcottage was my inspiration.

I also love this one,

and even started sewing one similar,

but after a few hours and only 3 rows on one panel, I knew I needed a lot more rows to get the look I wanted but didn't like how much time it was taking. So I went with plan B, which is the simpler single ruffled panel. I did end up cutting off the 3 rows I completed, but don't worry I have a plan for them in a future project.

Back to the chair,

this is what it looked like before, I loved the details but wanted to lighten it up a bit to go with my current style.

I added a few coats of white paint, distressed it, and added the new 'skirt', which I kind of made up as I went.

I love this ruffly look, and plan to sneak a few more in my house before they get noticed.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

a pearl of a find

I found this little beauty at my favorite
little thrift store. She was a plain dark wood color, very boring, but had beautiful lines,
with 9 fun apothecary type drawers.
I was trying to be a little creative by trying different dry brush effects on it (first white on brown, then gray on white).
But after several disappointing attempts
I ended up with this classic shabby white finish.
{I added these sweet porcelein knobs.}

After each attempt at finishing this piece in a creative way I would just sit and stare at it and think, I just don't know if I love it. Once I painted it all white and added distressing, I knew I loved it and wasn't sure if I even wanted to sell it. That's how I knew it was done. When I have in mind to sell something but then decide maybe I'll keep it, that's when I know it's complete.
She reminds me of a library card catalog, great for small storage.
I think I'll call her... Pearl (sounds like a cute, old Librarian, right?). I do love this. However, it must go to a new home.
If you are interested in bringing Pearl home email me for more info.

Monday, March 7, 2011

In the mood for spring

I pulled out a few things to bring a little
spring into my home:
old pots, hydrangeas tucked in a tin crate, and a little birdie. I found this fun little green house at a thrift store years ago. I almost gave it away but then forgot about it--its been sitting in my garage for 5+ years. After a good cleaning, I filled it with some greens, a nest and a bird.

I added some new pillows made from material purchased at Ikea for about $4/yard,
and a thrift store bunny with a burlap bow sitting in
an old urn along with some
other spring-time goodies.
These fun "tags" were purchased at a consignment store.
These little bunnies, chicks and eggs are
made out of plaster but almost look metal.
I also found this sweet sign (made by Simply Shabby Chic) at
the thrift store for a couple of dollars.
This blue frame was also a thrift store find (are you seeing a pattern here?), along with the bunny and white floral ball.

Come on spring, I'm ready.

I'm linking to this fabulous party by Jennifer Rizzo.