Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Primp} your stuff Wednesday Linky Party #6

It's time to party!  Prepare to be wowed. There was so much inspiration from last week's party--here are my favorites:

The Fisherman's Cottage showed her charming master bedroom, which I love so much I have two pictures to share.  Here is a peek at her bed ...

and a little desk in the corner of her room.

Before Meets After updated a dresser using beautiful gray paint.

The Shabby Blue Ribbon made a cool light fixture out of mason jars.

Our Wonderfilled Life sewed some beautiful pillows--love the huge ruffle and the number detail.

Sweet Vintage Decor finished this lovely grain sack bench.

3 Ring Cottage {primp}ed an empty sunroom using a vintage metal bed and lots of red accents.

Common Ground made a summer cloche using a rusted urn and seashells.

I can't wait to see what you have to share this week.  Grab my button and start linking!

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keep primping,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

girls bedroom makeover

After 3 days of painting and primping, the girls' room is done.  I painted it a light gray called 'isle shetland gray' from Walmart and touched up the dingy white trim with 'swiss coffee.'

I added this new headboard, purchased for $15 from the thrift store, and painted a light pink.
After seeing this little end table outside a neighbor's house getting rained and snowed on, I called and asked if they were doing anything with it. They said they weren't and that I could have it. I painted it cream and added these lovely pink anthro knobs that were in the clearance bin.

The gray walls really lighten the room up.  Although it has a pretty window with window seat, this room does not get direct light and felt dark with the darker paint--now it's light and bright. 

Here's a sneak peak of their new dresser I recently finished.  I will show the full dresser and details later.
On the bed, I threw on a thrifted sheet with little pink flowers, a white sheet and pillow cases found in my linen closet, and the top cover is from Simply Shabby Chic.
I also added the silhouette pillow (of my 2 girls)
I made ages ago.

A little paint and primping go a long way.
What have you primped lately?

Friday, July 22, 2011

cute blue porch with bunting

I just had to show you a picture of a neighbor's super cute porch. 
It is a beautiful house to begin with, but one day I drove by and noticed they had painted the porch blue and added the blue and red bunting.  I just love it.

Now I'm off to finish a similar bunting, that's been sitting next to my sewing machine for a couple of months now, to add to my front porch. Sometimes you need a little inspiration to get you going and complete all those unfinished projects laying around.
I {primp}ed my back porch, now I'm off to work on the front.

until next time,

P.S. Got something to share?  Join my linky party here.  There was a little snafu with the link earlier but it's working good now. Go here to view it.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Linky Party

I guess there was a little snafu with my linky party link, but it should be good now.  Go here to view my favorites from last week and to join this week's party!
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{Primp} your stuff Wednesday linky party #5

Welcome to {Primp}your stuff Wednesday linky party where you can show off anything you have primped lately.  This includes anything that dresses up or adds beauty to your space.

Lovely Crafty Home {primp}ed a boring dresser into this union jack beauty.  This is on my to do list!

Artsy Vava added some french charm to a simple wood chair.

Crafty Scrappy Happy transformed her husband's shirt into this cute pillow.

Cass House added paint and numbers to get this charming crate.

Red Hen Home used paint and stickers to make a cool luggage end table.

It's time to link up--what have you {primp}ed lately?

Monday, July 18, 2011

a numbered farmhouse basket

When I found this basket at the thrift store it was plain and boring--but I loved it's shape and size. (Sorry I forgot to take a before pic.)

I gave it a white washing with a little paint and added some numbers using homemade stencils. (My husband and I celebrated our 16th anniversary this year!)

I think the white wash and number give it a more aged look, and adds a bit of farmhouse charm I'm going for in my home.
This basket now sits near my back door, and currently holds badminton rackets, frisbees, and tennis balls--come winter, it will hold boots.
See what paint and a little bit of your time can do?

No go forth and primp!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

inspiration for a girl's room makeover

So I've been working on changing my daughters' room for a while now.  I've rearranged furniture, sold and replaced their dresser, and have been through 3 headboards (which I also refinished, then sold) and it just wasn't turning out the way I wanted it too.  So, I looked at my inspiration rooms again ...
{source: Dreamy Whites}
{source: French Larkspur}
{source: Home & Harmony}

{source: Simply Me}

 and realized they all have 3 common things: light gray walls, white bedding, and pink accents. I've been trying to get around painting my girls' room (although I love to paint furniture, I hate painting walls) but have come to realize that that is what I must do. Their room right now is a mossy green and so it doesn't matter what cute bed, dresser, etc. I put in there, it just will not look the way I want it to unless I paint. So I'm off to prime and paint, and hope to reveal their new room soon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{Primp} your stuff Wednesday linky party #4

There was so many fabulously {primp]ed projects linked up last week.  I am having so much fun hosting this linky party each week, and I hope you are enjoying it too.  Here are my favorites:

Lovely Etc. primped some drab and dilapidated lockers into this beauty ...
Studio 1404 refinished this lovely shabby dresser.

Crafty Scrappy Happy created super cute canvas bags.

I love this cool terrarium created by Northern Cottage.

Elizabeth & Co. painted this beautiful dresser.

Shabby Love made an awesome table out of palettes.

Now show me what you've primped lately.  This can be a furniture project you have refinished or anything you have done or found that adds beauty to your space.

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Thanks for linking up!