Monday, February 21, 2011

burlap beauties and the coming together of a piano room

The piano room is slowly coming together.I've added some things that I'm currently loving: naked books,
murcury glass and rustic touches,
and burlap beauties found online or on etsy.

I purchased the burlap pillows on etsy, the other is from Restoration Hardware.

After searching far & wide for a piano with little luck, we ended up with this beauty we are actually babysitting for a neighbor who had to move across the country.

I'm thinking this wall above the sofa needs a little something, maybe a shelf that will hold black and white photos, another project to add to my to-do list.

I'm loving this burlap rug purchased here.
Of couse this room will see more changes
in the future, but I think it's a good start.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heart Day

I really wasn't feeling like decorating for Valentine's Day this year,
but at almost the last minute I pulled out a few old things.

I'm in love with this rock my daughter found on the way home from school one day(this stays out year round.)

paper hearts hung on twigs,
cupcake liner pom poms I made last year,and a cute box that looks like an old letter (found at the thrift store) with vintage skeleton keys.

Here's how the rest of my house looks--lots of red and white with my favorite, grain sack stripes.

I'm lovin' my new handmade pillows,

and my .59 cent towells from Ikea.
I even gave my canning jars their own stripes, using plain and red twine.

Hope you all have a Happy Heart Day!

Thanks for all the love on my blog and all your nice comments, I heart you!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a bedroom transformation

I'm participating in
this fabulous link party
by Jennifer Rizzo, where you can show the evolution of your style in a particular room in your home. Here is what my bedroom looks like now

Here's what it looked like before, lots of black. This was even taken after I had sold my 2 black nightstands. Imagine, a big black bed, black nightstands, and a big black armoire--very dark.

I painted my black bed, french gray, and swapped out the black nightstands for cream ones.

This picture kind of bugs me because the one mirror looks so much higher, but I promise, they are even. You can see the master bathroom reflected in the one on the right.
I found these 2 mirors at different times from a thrift store, then spray painted them both cream. Just a little paint, and a little time, helped to lighten and brighten the whole room. I like it so much better now. Go here
to see all the fun transformations!