Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a bedroom transformation

I'm participating in
this fabulous link party
by Jennifer Rizzo, where you can show the evolution of your style in a particular room in your home. Here is what my bedroom looks like now

Here's what it looked like before, lots of black. This was even taken after I had sold my 2 black nightstands. Imagine, a big black bed, black nightstands, and a big black armoire--very dark.

I painted my black bed, french gray, and swapped out the black nightstands for cream ones.

This picture kind of bugs me because the one mirror looks so much higher, but I promise, they are even. You can see the master bathroom reflected in the one on the right.
I found these 2 mirors at different times from a thrift store, then spray painted them both cream. Just a little paint, and a little time, helped to lighten and brighten the whole room. I like it so much better now. Go here
to see all the fun transformations!


  1. I can't believe that is the same room! I love the white bed. What a difference! Thank you so much for linking. I love your bedspread too. The colors are right up my alley!

  2. I do love black - but this bed painted white is stunning! My bedroom is black and white and I just love those color combination!

  3. What a pretty bedroom!! I think the black looked nice too but it is always fun to have a change! Amazing what a little paint can do!

    bee blessed

  4. I love what you have done and I really like those mirrors. Have you ever noticed that it's hard to find round mirrors...I have been searching! Very nicely done, Michele

  5. Your room is fabulous!
    I saw your blog at Jennifer Rizzo and just had to click! Love what I see!
    Take care

  6. I think your bed looks beautiful. What a change paint can make. btw, I really love your bedframe--can you share with me where you got it or what "brand" it is? (I have been looking for a bed I like for some time...)

  7. Love the new look. The painted bed looks fabulous. I think I want to paint mine. Not sure hubs will go for it.

  8. gorgeous job!!! I love the french gray paint :) What brand of paint did you use? And the round mirrors are fabulous thrift finds!

  9. I currently have all black furniture and thinking of going white/off white to lighten up the room...did you prime the black first or did you just start painting with the gray? Wonderful job!

  10. Looks Ah-mazing!

  11. The french gray is dreamy ;)! I actually liked it black as well but change is fun. Thanks for linking up.