Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Runner

This was a quick and easy sewing project I put together over the weekend.

I wanted something to lighten up my very big and very dark table.
And add a touch of fall.

I decided to use what I already had--a long piece of textured muslin and a white dish towell from target.

I cut the muslin to the width and length I wanted. Then cut the towell in half and gathered and sewed to each end.

I added a galvanized tin trough I found at the thrift store. and some mini pumpkins,
and vintage sheet music I put through the shredder.

After I sewed the runner I put it in the washing machine, then dryer to give the edges a frayed look.

When I pulled it out, however, the runner was way to short for my table. Either I really messed up on the measurements or it shrank big time in the dryer.

I ended up cutting it right in half and adding a piece in the middle with the stitching seams exposed for added texture.

Besides the little snafu it was relatively easy and painless.

It gives it kind of a farmhouse feel,

in the fall time.


  1. Love how it came out! What a great project:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. i think it came out great! and i love that you used what you had and didn't let a little thing like shrinkage throw you off your game.

  3. so lovely!
    thanks for sharing!

  4. Very pretty!! You did a great job! I love your center piece!

  5. Girl, that is incredible looking. I love the muslin and towel together. It really catches my eye with all of its flouncy, textured, natural beauty. Seriously, I would take one just like it! Love...Great job.

    Partying with you tonight. Stop by if you have a chance.

  6. I just love the look of that runner with the white ruffled ends. It is so soft and textured. The towel is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This runner looks great! I love the shredded sheet music. What a wonderful combination!

  8. I really like how you added the ruffled ends to your runner and the tin full of pumpkins and shredded paper! Very creative and lovely.

  9. Cute project! Sounds like something that would happen to me-the shrinking and remaking the runner! I am loving using shredded paper too!


  10. That came out really well. I like that you added a piece in the middle - gives it a little more personality.

  11. Stunning, and love how the table looks!

  12. This is fabulous! I've seen runners like this for sale at $60.
    I just found your blog from the Weekend Wrap. Count me in as a follower!

  13. Great job! I love the way it came out!

  14. Way cute! {and you blog header is AMAZING!}

    m ^..^

  15. Very pretty! I love the natural element it adds to your table and your mini pumpkins are the perfect finishing touch. Stunning! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  16. Oh how I love this! So my style! The more wrinkly the better imo! The ruffle just takes it over the edge in a wonderful way. Very nice!


  17. Hi Michele. I just found you through Jami's fabulous linky party over at Freckled Laundry. I LOVE your table runner, especially how it is wrinkled and frayed...just gorgeous! I am your newest follower:) Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Tina

  18. Absolutely love it!! You could sell these ;)

  19. Gorgeous. I love the lightweight fabrics you used for this. I've had one on my list for 6 months and this only inspires me to get a move on. Thanks so much for linking it up to air your laundry Friday. Hope to see you tonight, sweetie!


  20. Love the natural lighting in the last few pictures!