Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cute Holiday Cards

Remember when I was talking about getting my Christmas cards done early this year. I was checking out different sites and the cards they offer. I checked out Sam's Club (who I have purchased from in years past), Walgreens, even tried to make my own cheaper version on Picnik but the one I really want is from Shutterfly.

My sister-in-law took our pictures about a month ago and I liked quite a few of them and just couldn't decide which picture to use. In the past I've bought the inexpensive ones with 1 photograph but this year I wanted to do more of a collage effect with many photos.

These are some of my favorites. I'm trying to decide between the "many memories tree' card and the 'peppermint pink' card. If you usually include a family letter with your cards then check out the 'christmas letter' card--it combines a cute photo card with a family letter.

I loved the ease of the Shutterfly system, especially when dealing with a card with multiple photos. You can easily drag and drop pictures, move them around and crop right on one page--something that left me very frustrated at the other sites I visited.

One day as I was doing my usual blog browsing I came across a project done by and as I was skimming her blog I found this great deal. It was just what I needed to find. If you have a blog and want to take advantage of this great promotion to get your own free Christmas cards from Shutterfly check it out!


  1. I love your family picture! You have such an adorable family!