Saturday, April 23, 2011


A few weeks ago, I walked into our local Cal Ranch store for a can of spray paint, but ended up walking out with 3 of these ... I had "my" four chicks with me and so was talked into buying them. Actually, I thought they were pretty darn cute too! Here's one of my cute chicks holding a cute chick. They were cute for about 2.3 days until we realized how stinky and messy they were. Our intention from the beginning was to keep them for a month or so and then take them to our cousins farm where they could roam freely. The kids played with them nonstop for the first couple of days, so soft and adorable. We enjoyed our time with them, however, after about 2 weeks we decided they needed to go to the farm--they were getting big fast! Goodbye, Maddie, Pecky, and Tweety, have fun on the farm!

Well, it has been about a month since we've seen them. We will be visiting them Sunday when we have a family get-together for Easter. I'm sure we'll be surprised how much they've grown.

I hope you all have a very happy and chick-filled Easter!


  1. They are darling, Michele!! I can see why you brought them home. I bet they are having a ball on the farm now and you probably won't recognize them!!

    Happy Easter to all of you!


  2. All your chicks are quite adorable!!

  3. So sweet! Cant wait to see updated pictures of the little TweetHearts!

  4. Cute chicks all around! We have chickens and have love them. Ours are giving us about 8-10 eggs a day so they do a great job helping feed our family.

    Nice visiting with you. I am an excited new follower.