Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Primping my sewing nook {with my love of metal bins}

I've been reorganizing and primping my sewing nook in the corner of my bedroom, and have found some of my favorite baskets and bins to keep all my sewing supplies handy.

I found this old metal cabinet at the thrift store for only $5.  After a quick coat of white paint and a search for the perfect size basket to replace the missing drawer, it was ready to start housing some fabric and supplies.

I also changed out my decorative accessories on my stacked shelves, to baskets and jars full of buttons and trim.

My favorite new bins are these old metal drawers that have a hint of military engravings.


They make the perfect home for my ever-growing stash of fabric.

 An old industrial stool sits nearby to help me fetch supplies from the shelf above.

Another favorite, is this numbered locker basket, found at a local boutique.

It currently houses my latest, and ongoing project: the squares for a butterfly quilt for my 4-year-old, which I am hoping to have done by her 5th birthday--wish me luck!

It helps to have an organized space that is nice to look at, especially when you're "working".

If you love these metal drawers as much as I do, I have a few more that I have put in my shop. Now I'm off to work away on the sewing machine some more.

keep primping,

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