Friday, September 3, 2010

a POP of blue

well actually more like turquoisey-blue

I've been slowly trying to incorporate some blue into my living room

to pair with my red accents and bring in more of a POP of color.

Did you ever meet Jaqueline?

I transformed this large frame from boring to bright. I had originally modge podged some black and white scrapbook paper on this wide wood frame but then got really sick of it. I wanted something different. I freehanded some wide blue and cream stripes, then antiqued it a little with wood stain. I added a thrift store frame, painted white, to the front to give it a unique look. I like the look of the wood frame along with the detailed frame.

I stacked a couple of thrift store books--I just love these colors.

Another blue frame--this one with vintage sheet music and mini bird nest with blue eggs.

I love this blue bird pillow with its large rosette purchased from Target for about $20.

My fun ruffly aprons.

And this is where I sit every morning,

checking out my favorite blogs and eating my usual, GoLean with frozen blueberries.


  1. I have been wanting to do the same thing in my living room! I wanted to add that blue but wondered if it would really go with my burgundy leather couch. Then I saw your couch and thought oh yeah! It will work. Thanks. I'm not crazy.

  2. ack - I love the aprons on the knob coathook....pure loveliness!

  3. I do like Jaqueline! So pretty. And the striped frame is so cute too. Love that you layered it with another frame.

  4. Even more brown and blue loveliness. You have a great eye for vignettes too. Love your painted frame and the birds nest. I think aquas make the perfect pop of color in a room!