Monday, January 23, 2012

doily heart garland {a ten minute valentine's project}

Here's a quick and easy heart garland made from paper doilies.

This idea has been sitting in my head for a few days,

and I finally was able to sit down and just do it.  I'm not sure why I waited, because it really only took about 10 minutes to do.

I flip back and forth between loving just whites and neutrals, to loving lots of color.  Right now I am more on the white/neutral side, so I wanted a valentine banner that wasn't screaming pink and red.
These white doilies were the perfect median.

I had these paper doilies on hand because I use them to wrap my etsy shipments in, but I know you can buy them at Target, Walmart, and probably just about any craft store.  I simply stacked a few together, folded in half and cut a half heart shape.  Then I opened and strung them with red and white baker's twine, for just a teeny bit of color.

I love how the light shines through!

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Do you notice a little head above here?

That's my little helper, who always seems to find her way into my photos.

Speaking of my little helper, I tried a little hair-do on her, a little heart twist, inspired by this on pinterest. That's about as fancy as we get around here.

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keep primping,

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