Friday, December 21, 2012

Primping for Christmas {a home tour}

Welcome to our home.  Hope you enjoy the little bits of Christmas spread throughout.

 We had a fun time adding to our faux snow globe collection started last year.


Pleated burlap stockings hung on one of my favorite free finds.



A homemade felt ball garland.



Our advent calendar I made over last year.

This year we drove for about an hour so we could experience scouting out and cutting down our own Christmas tree.  Ours looks a little more like a bush than a tree but we got there late and had only a little bit of time before the sun went down.  I decided to decorate this year with all homemade ornaments, made by the kids and by Grandma.  It was hard not to bring all the vintage bookpage and grain sack ornaments I made for my tree 2 years ago, but I think these just fit this wonky tree better.

 I'm enjoying getting ready to spend Christmas at home with my family. I'm also loving some some newly found photo apps.  I was really disappointed to find that my favorite editing site, PicMonkey has changed, so that you now have to upgrade to use virtualy all the good editing tools.  Plus I've found it's just easier to take pictures on my phone.  Instragram and Pixlromatic are my current favorites.

 I hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of year,
and have a very Merry Christmas!
keep primping,

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